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A tremendous wildfire danger exists where homes blend together with the wildland, creating the wildland/urban interface.  Homeowners that have practiced Firewise principals have a great chance in stopping the flame or firebrands before reaching their home.

Three ways that a wildfire can transfer itself from the natural vegetation or other burning homes to your home are radiation, convection and firebrands.  Firebrands are one of the major causes of homes burned due to wildfire. Wildland Urban Interface

Firebrands are burning embers produced by wildfire which are lifted high into the air and carried beyond the fire front.  Typical firebrand materials include pine cones, bark, and if houses are involved, wood shakes and shingles.  Depending on wind speed and size of materials, firebrands can be carried more than 1/2 mile ahead of the fire front.

A shower of thousands of firebrands can be produced during a major wildfire event.  If these firebrands land in areas with easily ignited fuels, numerous spot fires can start.  Homes located blocks away from the main fire front can be threatened. 

Conditions must be just right for a wildfire to start and spread.  Specifically, fuel, weather and topography work together to determine how quickly a wildfire travels and at what intensity.

By implementing Firewise practices on and around your property you can manipulate the fuel factor.